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Geological Surveys
Assystem Envy offers detailed engineering services for understanding the geological structure of the power plant sites.veys


  • 5Offshore drilling works
  • 5Onshore drilling works
  • 5Opening trenches and trial pits
  • 5Preparation of geological cross-sections
  • 5Geological Modelling
  • 5RS & GIS Studies
  • 5Geomorphological studies
  • 5Preparation of geological cross-sections
  • 5Petrographic analysis
  • 5Remote sensing studies
  • 5Paleoseismology
  • 5Preparation of geological logs
  • 5Archeoseismology
  • 5Slope stability studies
  • 5Active tectonic studies
Geotechnical Surveys
For the assessment of sites in terms of engineering geology and in order to define necessary parameters for the design of the structures, detailed geotechnical surveys includin the following are conducted:


  • 5In situ measurements related to engineering properties of geological units, i.e. pressuremeter and dilatometer measurements, SPT, CPT, etc.
  • 5Taking disturbed and undisturbed core samples from boreholes and/or trenches
  • 5Conducting geotechnical laboratory tests both on rock and soil samples
  • 5Conducting field geotechnical tests such as field shear strength tests, plate load tests, etc
Geophysical Surveys
Assystem Envy provides detailed geophysical services in order to complement the geological studies and provide information for the physical conditions of the site.

These service are grouped under two main topics:


  • 52-D electrical profiling
  • 53-D electrical measurements
  • 5VES (vertical electric sounding)
  • 5SP (self potential) measurements
  • 5Seismic refraction (ReMi, MASW, MAM) measurements
  • 5Microgravity measurements
  • 5Microtremor array
  • 5Geomagnetic measurements
  • 5Offshore deep seismic measurements


  • 5Electrical Logging (resistivity, thermometry, caliper)
  • 5Radioactive Logging (natural, gamma-gamma, neutron-neutron)
  • 5Seismic Logging (acoustic, downhole, PS)
  • 5Cross-hole seismic/electric measurements
  • 5HiRAT measurements
Geodetic Surveys


  • 5Engineering Geodetic Surveys
  • 5Establishment of GeoDynamic Polygon Network
  • 5Satellite measurements
  • 5Aerial / LIDAR imaging
Hydrogeological Surveys
Hydrogeological surveys carry crucial importance for the evaluation of the power plant sites. In the scope of these surveys, Assystem Envy conducts following studies:


  • 5Designing, drilling and developing of pumping and piezometric boreholes
  • 5Hydrological (level, conductivity, temperature, etc.) and chemical monitoring studies
  • 5Preparation of the hydrogeological maps
  • 5Hydrogeological modeling studies
  • 5Karst hydrogeology studies
  • 5Flood/Flash Flood Risk Assessment Studies
  • 5Coastal Flood/Tsunami Analyses
& Aerological Surveys
Assystem Envy conducts studies for the evaluation of the meteorological and aerological conditions of the sites.


  • 5Establishment of sodar-rass and meteorological stations with various heights
  • 5Continuous operation and monitoring
  • 5Assessment of past and current meteorological/aerological conditions of the site
  • 5Dispersion modeling studies
  • 5Evaluation of rare meteorological hazards like tornado, lightning etc.
Hydrological Surveys
(Marine & Surface)


  • 5CTD (conductivity, temperature, and depth),
  • 5Surface temperature and water level measurements and
  • 5Bathymetry
  • 5Coastal deformation
  • 5Flood/Flash Flood Risk Assessment Studies
  • 5Coastal Flood/Tsunami Analyses
Seismic Surveys


  • 5PSHA
  • 5DSHA
  • 5Site Response Analyses
  • 5Seismic Monitoring
Site / Route Selection and Evaluation of
Selected Sites / Routes
Site / route selection and evaluation of selected sites / routes for power plants, electricity transmission projects, oil gas transmission projects have been performed by evaluating the results of the following studies:
  • 5Route selection
  • 5Basic engineering design studies
  • 5Detailed engineering studies (special crossings, alignment sheets, etc.)


Nuclear Energy

Assystem Envy has been providing top-notch engineering and project management services since 1999.
Site Selection and Characterization Studies has been carried out for the most important international projects in the region from pipelines to power plants including Nuclear.
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