Nuclear Energy

Assystem Envy is the first and only Turkish company who has experience in full scope site engineering services using International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) standards during pre-design and design stages of nuclear power plants.

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These services include but not limited to
  • 5Onshore & Offshore geological, hydrogeological, geophysical and geotechnical surveys
  • 5Establishment of seismic monitoring stations and continuous monitoring
  • 5Seismic and tsunami hazard analysis
  • 5Establishment of meteorological / aerological stations and continuous monitoring
  • 5Assessment of meteorological / aerological conditions
  • 5Establishment of wave / current and level / temperature stations and continuous monitoring
  • 5Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
  • 5Bathymetrical surveys
  • 5Assessment of marine and surface hydrological conditions
  • 5Radionuclide, dust and thermal dispersion modeling studies
  • 5Monitoring and assessment of onshore and offshore ecological conditions
  • 5Mapping studies and establishment of geodynamic polygon for 1st degree geodetic level deformation
  • 5Assessment of human induced impacts
  • 5Preparation of reports required for licensing (i.e. site report, site parameters report, etc.)

Nuclear Energy

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Assystem Envy has been providing top-notch engineering and project management services since 1999.
Site Selection and Characterization Studies has been carried out for the most important international projects in the region from pipelines to power plants including Nuclear.
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