Oil & Gas Pipeline Projects

ENVY provides pipeline engineering services for both compressible and non-compressible fluids. Its experienced staff is also capable of providing technical services for both low/high pressure pipelines, and all types of above ground facilities related to pipelines (i.e. pressure reducing and metering stations, block valve stations and pumping/compressor stations).
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ENVY provides the following services in Pipeline Engineering
  • 5Route selection
  • 5Basic engineering design studies
  • 5Detailed engineering studies (special crossings, alignment sheets, etc.)
  • 5Geological and hydrogeological investigations
  • 5Environmental studies (ESIA, etc.).
  • 5Feasibility studies
  • 5Permits and licenses
  • 5GIS applications


Oil & Gas Pipeline

ENVY has been employed in several international engineering projects such as Turkey-Greece Natural Gas Pipeline, Blue Stream Natural Gas Pipeline and NABUCCO Project.
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