Name of Executed

Hanönü Copper Mining, Enrichment Facility and Paste Backfill Plant Project


Environmental Projects




Kastamonu – Turkey


Engineering and Design

Work Experiences

Services provided within the scope of the project:

  • 5Preparation of EIA Report in compliance with the project specific format
  • 5Preparation of Rehabilitation Plans
  • 5Performing Air Quality Modelling Studies through AERMOD software
  • 5Performing Hydrogeological Surveys
  • 5Performing Modelling Study on Pollution Distribution in Mine Tailings Storage Area
  • 5Performing Blasting Risk Analysis Study

Performing Baseline Studies:

  • 5Flora, Fauna, Aquatic Life Survey
  • 5Freshwater Quality Survey
  • 5Soil Quality Survey
  • 5Air Quality Survey
  • 5Noise measurements

Deliverables of the Project:

  • 5Flora, Fauna, Aquatic Life Survey Report
  • 5Air Quality Modelling Report
  • 5Environmental Baseline Analysis Reports
  • 5Hydrogeological Survey Report
  • 5Groundwater Discharge Report
  • 5Modelling Report on Pollution Distribution in the Mine Tailings Storage Area
  • 5Acid Rock Drainage Survey Report
  • 5Blasting Risk analysis Report
  • 5Rehabilitation Plan
  • 5Final EIA Report
  • 5Monitoring Reports in 6 monthly period
  • 5Household and Stakeholder Questionnaires
  • 5ESIA Report
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