Name of Executed

Eriç Cascade Dams (No 4) and Hydroelectric Power Plants (282.53 MWe / 291.27 MWm), and 20 km Energy Transmission Line (154 kV)


Environmental Projects




Erzincan – Turkey


Engineering and Design

Work Experiences

Services provided within the scope of the project:

  • 5Attendance to the Examination and Evaluation Meeting chaired by the MoEU
  • 5Preparation and submission of the Final EIA Report to the MoEU
  • 5Supervising project activities, public and authority relations
  • 5Performing Institutional Communication
  • 5 Implementation of the EIA Procedure
  • 5Performing Monitoring Studies and submission of the site audit reports to the MoEU consequent to the site visits
  • 5Preparation of ESIA Report in compliance with the requirements of international finance institutions

Performing Baseline Studies:

  • 5 Water Usage Rights Survey
  • 5 Flora, Fauna, Aquatic Life Survey
  • 5Freshwater Quality Survey
  • 5Soil Quality Survey

Deliverables of the Project:

  • 5 Flora, Fauna, Aquatic Life Survey Report
  • 5Water Usage Rights Survey Report
  • 5Environmental Baseline Analysis Reports
  • 5Rehabilitation Plan
  • 5 Final EIA Report
  • 5Monitoring Reports in 3 monthly period
  • 5Household and stakeholder Questionnaires
  • 5ESIA Report
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