Environmental Management

ENVY believes that developing and maintaining an environmental management system is a key issue in any organization to manage its environmental impacts and to increase its operating efficiency and environmental performance which can be ranked as per compliance with regulations and prevent pollution. ENVY prepares the following plans (selected) to use natural resources wisely, which is very limited in our world, to protect habitats and to control of hazards:


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Environmental Management
ENVY prepares environmental management plans peculiar to national and international projects for determination of wastes arisen from the location of the activity, determination of the hazards arisen from the wastes, the direct or indirect impacts of the waste and the methods to eliminate the impacts and to minimize the hazards.

ENVY prepares the following plans
and procedures

  • 5Contractors Management Plan
  • 5Supply Chain Management Plan
  • 5Worker Camp Management Plan
  • 5Environmental Monitoring Plan
  • 5Pollution Prevention Plan
  • 5Biodiversity Management Plan
  • 5Water Management Plan
  • 5Air Quality, Noise, Waste, Wastewater, Soil Management Plans
  • 5Hazardous Materials Management Plan
  • 5Training Plan
  • 5Occupational Health & Safety Management Plan
  • 5Public Consultation and Disclosure Plan
  • 5Community Health & Safety Plan
  • 5Traffic (Transportation) Management Plan
  • 5CCultural Heritage Management Plan
  • 5Erosion, Reinstatement and Landscape Plan


Operation of Wastewater
Treatment Plants

ENVY provides all services for operation of wastewater treatment plants including regular maintenance to provide required efficiency, improvement of energy efficiency and the system to provide conformity to discharge standards as per the national and international regulations.
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