Name of Executed

ADA Coal Fired Power Plant (1320 MWe / 3050 MWt) Project


Environmental Projects




Adana/Yumurtalık – Turkey


Engineering and Design

Work Experiences

Services provided within the scope of the project:

  • 5Revision of EIA Report in compliance with the project specific format
  • 5Performing Air Quality Modelling Studies through AERMOD software
  • 5Implementation of the EIA Procedure
  • 5Preparation of EIA/ESIA Report in compliance with the requirements of international finance institution

Performing Seasonal Baseline Studies:

  • 5Freshwater and Groundwater Survey (4 season)
  • 5Freshwater Sediment Quality Survey (summer)
  • 5Soil Quality Survey (autumn)
  • 5 Flora, Fauna, Aquatic Life and Marine Mammals Survey (autumn, spring, summer)
  • 5 Air Quality Survey (SO2, NO2, HF, HCl, VOC and BTEX, PM10, PM2.5, heavy metals in dust - winter, summer)
  • 5Marine Turtle Survey (summer)
  • 5Noise Survey
  • 5Seawater Quality Survey (4 season)
  • 5Seawater Sediment Quality Survey (winter)
  • 5 Marine Biodiversity Survey (planktons and macrobenthos, autumn, spring)
  • 5Bathymetry and Oceanographic Survey (4 season)

Deliverables of the Project:

  • 5Preliminary Design Report for Ash Disposal (Landfill) Area
  • 5Flora, Fauna, Aquatic Life and Marine Mammals Survey Report
  • 5Acoustic Report
  • 5Air Quality Modelling Report
  • 5 Bathymetry Map
  • 5Water Intake and Discharge Lines Dilution Modelling and Design Report
  • 5Waste Heat and CO2 Dispersion Modelling Report
  • 5 Final EIA Report
  • 5Environmental Baseline Report
  • 5ESIA Scoping Report
  • 5 ESIA Report
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